How do I assess the condition of my racking system?

Damotech has a network of specialized dealers that can survey and service your warehouse. Once we receive your query requesting a visit, our rack repair specialists can provide you with a rack survey of your facility to allow you to get an overall picture of your racking system's condition at that point in time.

I have damaged uprights, what should I do?

A warehouse racking system is a living entity that is constantly changing. As frames get damaged, they loose some charge capacity. It is therefore recommended to unload the damaged bay and to contact your local rack repair specialist as soon as possible.

Is repairing an upright cheaper than replacing it?

Absolutely. Replacing an upright because of damage from an accident is not the best solution as the replacement upright is ripe for being damaged again as soon as it is installed. By comparison, a Damo Pro is a permanent repair and comes with a lifetime warranty. Install it and forget it! Although the costs of an upright replacement and a Damotech repair are similar, once the values of time, safety, permanence and installation simplicity are taken into account, the value proposition of the Damo Pro becomes very clear.

Is your crew disruptive to my warehouse operations?

One of the great advantages to using Damotech products is the ease of install. Damotech has developed a patented installation method, using a special lifting device that allows the repairs to take place with minimal to no unloading of your racks. Imagine the convenience of not having to move merchandise from aisle to aisle just to clear some bays, as you would do when doing an upright replacement. Using the Damo Easy Lift during installation is a huge time saver, which helps you improve productivity by minimizing downtime. See the demo video on our homepage.

How long will it take to manufacture the repair units?

Lead-time is generally 2 to 3 weeks.

Will I be required to get a Hot Permit?

Hot permits are not required as all of Damotech's products are bolted on and do not require any on-site welding.

I have several types of racks in my warehouse. Will you be able to repair all of them?

Damotech has developed the expertise to repair any type of rack, even racks that are no longer manufactured. We have yet to meet a type of rack that has left us stumped but we are always ready for the challenge!

How does your warranty work?

Our Pro line warranty is the best in the industry: lifetime. Products from our Pro line come with a lifetime warranty against impact. It is pretty simple. If you damage one of our upright repair units during the course of normal warehouse operations, then we will simply replace it. The warranty is valid as long as you own that racking system. Our Flex line comes with a 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Has an engineer tested your repair solutions?

Yes. Providing you with stamped documentation for your repair units is not a problem. All our products are tested and approved by engineers and are put through rigorous testing before they become part of our product line. They are ANSI and RMI compliant and designed to be used in seismic as well as non-seismic areas (depending on your location, our units will be built with seismic footplates if requested).

Will you tell me what type of repair kit I need for every damaged location?

Yes. Our repair specialist will assess the condition of your warehouse and advise you on what type of rack repair kits you need for every location.

I have multiple facilities across the country. Could you service them all?

Of course. One of the advantages of having a bolt on solution is the consistency achieved by using these products in a systematic manner. Damotech has a network of specialized dealers that can service your warehouses regardless of geographic location. This also means that all your facilities can be serviced in a consistent manner.

Are your installers certified to do the repair work?

All of our installers are certified annually by Damotech and are trained to repair your racking system efficiently and most importantly, safely.

How do I find a Damotech Dealer?

Our dealers network is extensive – simply give us a call and we will put you in touch with the nearest dealer in your area: 1-877-990-DAMO